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Doordefender - door protection around your car

Stop dents that are caused while you are parking.


Buy the perfect protection - one investment that will be paid back several times!




Select one of the product that will help you to prevent dents, dings, scratches or any other damage at your door instead of expensive repairs.


Important! The doordefender products - excepted the wall mounted garage protector - will all only be used while you are parking. They will not be leaved at the doors when you start driving. Therefore the easy installation and handling is one of the very important quality issues.


Protect your car while parking in basement garages, on parking decks or any other close parking situation.



The standard doordefender and doordefender2 for any car (more than 50.000 times sold)



The mini - the multi-purpose tool for leaving or entering a car without violation



The utility defender - the multi-talent for any door and many other purposes


*All prices include tax and excl. Shipping costs
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